Muse Oil | Nourish, Heal, Protect & Preserve

Like a topical multi-vitamin, our Muse oil feeds your skin with its most essential nutrients.

Fair Pricing

We choose to sell directly to you in order to make non-toxic luxury skincare accessible at half the market price, without the 5x-10x retail margins. Read up about our fair pricing here.

Finest Quality

Read more about them here.

Naturally Powerful

Our products are formulated with some of nature's most potent botanical ingredients, filler ingredient free, + require less product per use for longer lasting purchases & visible results.

Skincare essentials

Multi-nutrient multi-correctional serum anti-ageing skincare natural organic prickly pear seed reship regenerating restoring skincare moisturizer | Amour Propre Beauty

Muse Oil

Evening moisturizer + serum

A multi-nutrient phytoactive serum to balance, nourish, replenish & regenerate your skin overnight.

Base de Jour

Daytime moisturizer + serum

A phytoprotecting antioxidant-dense serum to protect your skin from environmental stressors.

Discovery Set-Skincare Started Kit-Amour Propre Beauty

Discovery set

Travel-size essentials

A fresh start to your beauty routine & a great way to discover our line.

[C_-_Cleansing_Balm]-[Cleansers]-Amour Propre Beauty

C-Cleansing Balm

Brightening melting oil cleanser

A peppermint-rose oil based cleanser packed with collagen-boosting vitamin C to refresh, chemically exfoliate & melt away impurities & makeup.

When we say "no compromise"- we mean it.

Carefully combined nutrient-powerhouses to formulate skincare essentials that work, last long and do-it-all in just a few steps.