JUICING + SUGARS : how to make them work best for beauty & health

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what’s the deal with fruit, juicing & sugar?

I never really hoped on board with the juice craze. I was always more of a smoothie kind of gal but recently, as part of my herbal pharmacology course, learning about vitamins, minerals and types of fats or sugars it was very clear to me how game-changing it could be for me to ‘’boost’’ my nutrition by starting it off with loads of detoxifying, health enhancing and nutrient-replenishing ingredients. One of the things I learned & wanted to share was the key differences in fruits and their sugars. They can really make or break the entire juicing experience depending on what kind of sugars they contain & how our body converts them. Hope this short article which I really tried to oversimplify for you guys to get the key take-aways will maybe help & entice you the same way it did for me!

When glucose goes into our system, our body takes it and transforms it into its favourite type of energy: glycogen, used by our cells for fuel. When fructose goes into the body, another type of sugar (monosaccharide sugar) the body can’t transform it into its favourite source of energy and assimilates it differently: it transforms it first to metabolize it into triglycerides. Because of that excess work in some way, eating very high in fructose can tire and hinder our liver which would make these triglycerides be transformed to fat when ''overloaded'' through this process. 

To really compare the two, these are two of the most basic forms of sugars. glucose is extremely important for memory, the brain, it also can help with reducing easy bruises that appear (just like vitamin C can!). This monosaccharide is the food for nerve cells & crucial to keeping our nervous system balanced. Someone who might be missing glucose could have lightheadedness, easy bruising, weakness, dizziness, and when it comes to mood, irritability, or stress. Anything that is essential to our nervous system when missing in our bodies usually can in one way or another be a causing-factor to any mild feelings of depression, or anxiety.

Fructose, on the other hand, is in many fruits especially in dry fruits as well as in agave sirop. It can act as a laxative & help with nausea. This type of simple sugar specifically also helps reduce any ‘’hangover’’ symptoms. Once it goes into our body our liver transforms it into triglycerides rather than glycogen as glucose would. These triglycerides are the output of our liver for fructose where for glucose the output would be glycogen stored in our muscles for energy.   Now while everything in moderation, especially when coming from whole foods is fair game, having a diet very high in fructose has also been linked to obesity & several related issues like insulin-resistance, heart conditions, high cholesterol & more. BUT, the good news is the following: not ALL fruits high in fructose are created the same.

Not exactly it but vulgarized: fibre within fruits can ‘’cancel’’ out a certain amount of fructose content to the liver.

Therefore, fruits both high in fibre and containing fructose is lower in what we call ‘’free fructose’’ because the fibre content naturally reduces the amount of fructose and its triglyceride output in our blood. So when thinking about fruits with fructose, important that we don’t ‘’demonize’’ them but rather focus on low ‘’free-fructose’’ fruit, either low in fructose overall OR high in fructose and in fibre, therefore lower in triglyceride output.

What has really worked for me, is doing 2 out of 5 parts of the juice consisting of vegetables, herbs (they’re aromatic flowering plants we call them) belonging to apiacea family: carrots, parsley, celery, parsnips, and combining that 1 fourth frozen organic low fructose berries like blueberries or raspberries, a few cubes of frozen mango for texture and extra nutrients and finally (about 1 cup) coconut water or chilled tea. This blend gives a powerful dose of nutrients, can help increase glutathione (our natural, built into our bodies ‘’antioxidant’’), while hydrating & detoxifying.

If you do try your own blends, feel free to D.M and let me know what worked for you I’m always looking for new ways to blend!