Skincare/Self-care: buzzwords or wellness?


In today's post, we're going to pick your brain a little bit. If you've gotten to know us you know its one of our favorite things to do: the more you learn, the more you know the more you understand where we're coming from and the more you will get to appreciate the incredible powers of the ingredients we choose to formulate our products and trust their effectiveness.

The beauty/cosmetic industry is increasingly similar to the food industry. They both have a creative set of billion dollar-making trends that repeatedly fuel off of fear. An epidemic fear of germs, fear of aging, fear of fats, fear of processed foods (you get the picture!) allowing a never-ending search and never-ending short-term illusive hero offering a solution to fearful consumers: to buy their products and stay safe of basically anything and everything. In the 80's an epidemic fear of fats ignited. After the fats, consumers shifted to buying fat-free products and were told they would be healthier by doing so. Now, after the fat-free 90's, we welcomed in one of the modern day poisons: processed sugars. Fear not, their imagination didn't end there, the big players found sugar-free, and sugar substitutes such as aspartame that was actually found to be even more terrible for inflammation, obesity, cardiovascular disease, and the list goes on.

If you take a minute to think about it, every time there is progress in history from new health findings there are two kinds of people: those who use it to sell and construct imaginative storytelling to sell more products, and those who aim to make consumer's lives easier, healthier, and profit from investing resources of all sorts in making us, consumers live better lives! Unfortunately the first group, consisting of powerful companies investing in biased research with an expected outcome to twist to their advantage. They then develop products that serve slim to no purpose, and that is if they are not harmful in the first place, justified by their findings (that are often times conveniently biased) and using yet again, consumers, women, and men increasingly, to buy their products and the entire made-up story along with it.

Let's be honest, all businesses must strive to generate revenue in order to continue to grow and hopefully continue to have a positive impact on people's lives: if it were so easy to develop products that make us healthier and happier everyone would be doing it now wouldn't they? Right. So we have to be giving credit where its due. (from enabling them to have easier access to needs, or simply making their life easier with better product development). But that being said, here's the thing with skincare in contrast to wellness: people are not as curious, or aware just yet of the serious implications that using toxic ingredients on your skin have, nor of the incredible effectiveness of certain natural ingredients can have. To the root of it all, consumers seem to have forgotten that the skin is just as a part of your body as every other vital organ and needs to be kept healthy, needs to be nutritionally satiated ideally from wholesome foods consumed, and alternatively by topical supplementation that can be as effective if bioavailable.

Yes, companies are emerging (just as ours!) purely out of passion for herbalism, for the power of plants, and making healthier decisions on us individually but also as a society, but they're also simply "re-branding" from what was cool yesterday to a healthier alternative name fooling people into believing their intentions are their wellbeing. This is where, fortunately, you as a consumer can take your power back by making the time to gather knowledge, by researching, by finding out what works. By taking the time to know what is best for your skin and hell, getting to know it in the first place! We forget to give ourselves time, we forget to prioritize our health, our wellbeing and complain we are not able to work effectively or focus, or feel good about our bodies, but how does it make any sense if we aren't concerned or taking care of them: would you expect your car to work well if you haven't changed its oil in years and years, nor its tires and so on? Nope. Well, the same thing goes for your vehicle! 

What we're trying to say is yes skincare, self-care is fun. It's fun to do masking girls nights on weekends. It's fun to shop and feel like you are slightly closer to a healthier you per purchase you make, but if you aren't choosing to put your health, skin, and wellness first, then all you are doing is making an ideal purchase. Through our skin-cyclopedia we have one intention and its to share the wonderful knowledge that has been right there for us all this time but simply hidden by distractions and marketing having us forget to even question anymore, and take everything as a matter of fact.

The takeaway? They are no buzzwords if you see them for the true value they are. They mean wellness, they require consistancy, and they mean self-respect. They are just as important as going to the gym, but if you don't want to do the work or ask the right questions, well then yes. They are buzzwords and you are working very hard to purchase products that make you feel closer to being your ideal self, but haven't found the courage yet to put in the work. (That's okay, stick with us and we'll hopefully get you to loving that part too.)




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