7 Incredible benefits of facial massage


Jade Rolling & Facial Massage with Gua Sha Stones 

Alright, it's no secret that treating yourself to a massage can be a powerful form of physical therapy. It can lull you into a meditative state and can release any inflammation-inducing tension in the body. A similar ritual that is no longer a well-kept secret and that has been practiced since Geisha days (and even prior to that!) is the facial massage. Aside from being relaxing, a facial massage can have several age-defying and therapeutic effects on your muscles and skin when practiced as part of your daily skincare routine.

Why massage?

Signs of aging that express themselves or that can appear on our skin—wrinkles, loss of elasticity and sagging—are mainly caused by four factors—sluggish circulation, loss of skin elasticity, loss of subcutaneous fat, and a disturbance in muscle tonus (a condition resulting from repeated use of the muscles *think angry people and how their wrinkles turn into, well....angry wrinkles!) All of these conditions respond to, and can be significantly improved by a daily facial massage.

What does facial massage do?

-It stimulates blood flow which delivers more oxygen and nutrients to your skin for a more even and bright complexion

-Releases wrinkle-inducing muscle tension by stimulating the nerves

-Encourages a better absorption of nutrient-rich topical serums such  as our Muse Oil into deeper layers of the skin where they're needed

-Stimulates lymphatic drainage and flow to better eliminate toxins

-Helps your facial muscles to stay firm by exercising the muscles gently and makes the tissues firmer over time

– Eradicates superficial lines and imparts a more youthful expression to the face

-Evens out skin tone, skin texture, and glowing complexion.

When to do it? 

We suggest you practice a self-facial massage during both, your morning and evening routine. The trick is to make sure to use the right pressure (featherlight to light) and to make sure you massage or roll in the right directions. This will ensure you get to reap all its detoxifying and anti-aging benefits.

After applying your Muse Oil or our Base du Jour start from the centers of the face outwards and slowly guide the lymph out towards the meridians of your face (from ears, down the neck alongside your lymph nodes) to successfully drain toxins accumulated.


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