Base du Jour, Muse Oil, B3 Complex: The skincare routine line-up we recommend!


It's no secret moisturizing & hydrating our skin is key to keeping it balanced, glowing and youthful looking. We've broken down how you can implement both in your routine with the use of 3 of our nutrient-dense skincare essentials.

Morning Skincare Routine

Step 1: Hydration

First step, following cleansing & toning is to hydrate the skin before getting down to moisturizing it. We suggest incorporating our B3 Complex twice a day.

Why will your skin thank you for incorporating our 5% Niacinamide Complex? Its main ingredients, B3 & hyaluronic acid together help repair a damaged skin barrier and hold in hydration.

Niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, is one of those super-ingredients to the skin. It can balances the skin, helps even out skin texture as well as help repair a damaged outter layer if the skin- as you know, a healthy skin barrier=less skin concerns and less transepidermal water loss. 

Hyaluronic Acid can hold up to 1000x its weight in water. This means it will hold onto water within the skin and keep it hydrated. It also is key to supporting collagen production & maintaining a firm youthful looking skin. Cells, in this case, skin cells, function mainly off of water.  Not only are they mainly composed of water but its also necessary for nearly all their metabolic functions. In other words, to speak between themselves, eliminate waste, regenerate, and make your skin radiate.

A balanced skin barrier means better hydration, and less unwanted elements getting into the skin causing inflammation!

After years of using harsh cleansers, exfoliants, at times even retinol and toxic ingredients the skin’s outer layer has been clinically proven to have micro holes allowing the water to be lost through the skin, causing it to be out of balance and age quicker.

This hydrating serum also contains soothing Aloe Vera, avocado oil and antibacterial & anti-inflammatory Neem Oil.


Step 2: Lock in hydration with our Base du Jour

Once hydration is taken care of, take a second or two to let it seep in and move forward to apply 2-3 drops of our Base du Jour.

This skin softening and antioxidant-loaded face oil helps protect skin cells from environmental threats while sealing in hydration and moisturizing for a radiant glow. The squalane, one of its main ingredients, is an incredible oil that suits all skin types (not to be confused with squalene!) which soothes the skin and easily transports the green tea oil's phytonutrients and antioxidants to deeper layers of skin without oily residue! You'll find your skin bright, soft and ready for an SPF, and to take on the day with a beautiful complexion.

The Base du Jour is also balanced in linoleic acid and oleic acid allows it to balance the skin’s natural oils and help prevent any future breakouts, or over/under oil production. 


For your evening hydrating/moisturizing routine

Step 1: Same as your morning routine: start off with hydration and skin restoring B3 Complex

If you are wondering why there is an order to the product, products tend to be layered from the smallest molecule to the largest. The Hyaluronic Acid use to formulate this skin-loving serum is vegetable-derived (not always the case in skincare products!) After a long day of exposure to bacteria of all types, its neem oil can help kill bad bacteria often leading to pimples.

To read more of Niacinamide’s benefits including reducing pore size, dry irritated skin and hyperpigmentation you can read our article we’ve written about here.

Step 2: Seal in hydration & replenish the skin of its essential vitamins & minerals.

This Muse Oil was formulated from one simple desire: our founder simply did not find any complete face oil that was balanced in its linoleic and oleic acids, and rich in value as she believed a nighttime face oil should be. It is easily absorbed into the skin and can be thought of like a topical “supplementation” of the skin’s most essential nutrients.

Nowadays, the busier we get, it can become quite the challenge to consume all our daily nutritional requirements through our food. That being said, even on days which we consume “nearly” all nutrients our bodies need, or skin is last in the “priority” line to receive them because it is placed at the end of our digestive system. 

What does this mean? Basically that our skin is very likely slightly nutritionally deficient in some minerals like zinc or vitamins it needs to remain in balance, for it to regenerate, produce the right ratio of oils, appear glowing, even and youthful.

The Muse Oil contains vitamins A (known to stimulate cell renewal, usually resulting in a more even skin texture and tone), Vitamin B, Vitamin C (necessary for collagen synthesis: no vitamin C, no collagen, no firm skin!) Vitamin K (helps reduce the appearance of veins, broken blood vassals and dark under eyes, vitamin E to help combat sun damage and oxidative stress to cells, and last but not least, zinc (a key ingredient to regulating the skin, and proven to reduce psoriasis, eczema, oily skin and future breakouts if you truly are deficient of zinc, and well- 72% of North Americans happen to be according to clinical research.

These 3 products contain powerful combinations of natural ingredients that are also derived from certified organic farming. When ingredients are derived from organic farming they are less likely to be depleted of vitamins and minerals. These three essentials are safe for all skin types, but we do suggest starting with the Muse oil at night and B3 complex twice a day, along with a rejuvenating dust once a week for optimal results if you are just starting to eliminate water based moisturizers and bringing in the good stuff! This will allow your skin & you to progressively evolve into a holistic skin care routine that will be better for your skin, overall healthy for as long as possible!


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