What to do for a healthy & glowing skin today, the next decade, and the long-run.

When it comes to skincare results, most women expect them now. But the truth is, for most skincare regiments and natural skincare products, you can't expect to see actual, visible results until you've used them consistently for several weeks and if you’re sure the effective ingredients in the products you are using were not diluted. We all have to agree that patience is a serious virtue since dedicated, consistent application and preventative skincare rituals will serve you enormously in either healing your skin from past damage or preserving it to look its best as years go by. But back to expecting results right away: What can we do today to have better skin tomorrow, asap without it hurting your skin for the long-run like many chemical peels, ingredients can? We’ve broken down for you our favorite ways to ensure our skin looks as glowing and healthy as it can tomorrow. The following habits are among the most important to incorporate in your routine to ensure your skin is even surpassing its full potential a decade from now, (and for years beyond that)!


1. Make sure you are consuming most of the of your daily required nutrients.

Let's face it, with all these new diets coming out on the weekly labeled as the "rightful way to eat", we often forget that all the energy and focus we lay on our eating habits should be directed towards eating a wholesome diet rather than how many calories or carbs we've eaten in a day. We suggest trying to incorporate a handful of antioxidant-loaded fruits in the morning such as blueberries to arm your body from the inevitable free-radical exposure that causes us to age which our bodies and skin will have to face throughout the day.

For lunch, make sure to add in bitter greens such as steamed or boiled rappini, kale or spinach. They're loaded in vitamin C which is not only awesome for energy and boosting your immune system but is also a necessary vitamin to your collagen production (we'll take lots of it as it as collagen production slows down as we age!)

Additionally, make sure to find a meal in the day where you take in your healthy fats such as avocado. They're essential for your body to stay healthy and youthful and excluding healthy fats from your diet could cause us to look older than we do, lack energy & mental focus.

2. Focus on maintaining a healthy skin barrier even more so than drinking enough water.

While we all are quite aware that drinking water is crucial for eliminating toxins and glowing skin, what is a little less commonly known is that if our skin barrier is not balanced and lacking its natural oils (either because we're stripping it from them by over-cleansing/exfoliating or from a constant exposure to toxicity), our skin cannot do one of its main functions which are to hold in the water in our body. Once your skin is lacking those oils or thinned out from over exfoliating those dead skin cells, trans-epidermal water loss occurs more than it should (water evaporating out of our body) This causes us to not be able to hold in the water we drink (yes, even if we're drinking a lot of it) which means at a 72% water constitution, our bodies are lacking its essential source of life and will focus on sending it where it is needed most: our skin last, which will cause it to age relatively quickly and look older than we actually are. (Think raisins!)

3. Apply a multivitamin complex like our muse oil to ensure your skin is not nutritionally deficient in any of the nutrients it needs to regenerate, produce collagen, function and do all the things that keep it young (which by the way slow down progressively past 25 y.o)

One of the top 5 causes of the most common skin concerns (aside from hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disorders, allergies/intolerances etc.) is nutritional deficiencies. As we age we get busier and busier and either struggle to maintain a healthy weight or to shed weight we've put on over the years and this could often lead women to try to cut calories: here's the issue with that, when not being followed by a nutritionist, they usually also cut out food groups and become deficient in the daily required nutrients that are essential to your sharp focus, balanced state of mind, moods and glowing complexion. The good news is if vitamins & minerals in green skincare products are in biocompatible form (size of the molecules small enough to be absorbed through the skin) your skin has proven to be able to effectively absorb them into deeper layers of the skin so that at the very least it is getting them topically. 

Our Muse Oil contains a substantial range of vitamins (A, B, C, D, E, K) and minerals (Zinc, Copper, Manganese) that your skin needs to regenerate itself, repair itself, and keep in moisture/water in your body. It is a perfect place to start as it imitates the skin's sebum, is non-pore clogging and absorbs very quickly into the skin while leaving it moisturized and glowing.

4. Consider micro needling

Micro-needling is a very effective way to reduce your skin's scarring, stimulate its cell turnover (which slows down as well as we age causing the skin to look dull). It also helps treat freckles, wrinkles, and dark sunspots by causing a minimal trauma to the skin which stimulates its collagen production as well. There are different needle sizes but we suggest using only the smallest size on the face. You can pre-order it here! * Limited quantities available.

5. Exfoliate right: Gently on the daily, and chemically on the monthly.

Exfoliating can be done in two ways: chemically or physically. Physical exfoliation is done by rubbing the skin for example with dry brushing our using a product with exfoliating agents inside such as chia seeds, while chemical exfoliation will help detach the outer layer of your epidermis: the dead skin cells that "turned over" and are about to flake off. Together if done too aggressively will as we already know cause you to age as they'll be overexposing the cells that are not ready to flake off, and dry your skin out/strip it of its necessary protecting oils.

Key to exfoliating gently for a great glow and great complexion on the daily: cleanse with our C-Cleansing balm which contains vitamin C, a gentle chemical exfoliation that won't go too deep in and only remove cells that are ready to be removed. Rinse with our Jelly Sponge which gently physically exfoliates the skin. Together you'll have your perfect, safe exfoliating combo without causing yourself any damage and you'll see immediate results in your complexion.

6. Never forget a hat & your SPF.

Do we need to elaborate? Aside from wearing a hat and physically protecting yourself from the sun, using a good SPF (non-nanoparticle) is a must in keeping your skin safe from sun exposure, one type of environmental free-radical damage.

If the above seems like too much to take in, and too much of a change from your current routine, we suggest focusing on implementing one at a time and of adding them into your schedule progressively. Remember, slow and steady progress for sure & definite results!

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