Ingredient Spotlight: Vitamin B3/Niacinimide

There are only a small handful of ingredients that can be natural, non-toxic and very performing in resolving a variety of skin concerns. Niacinamide, vitamin B3, is one of them. It is one nutrient that your skin will love not only because of its unique ability to repair and restore your skin's barrier (which needs some love as we are constantly exposed to toxicity or harsh ingredients that may be damaging it) but also for its anti-aging & skin restoring benefits below.

1. Helps prevent, slow down aging of the skin

Once taken in either topically or orally, it is converted into certain co-factors which are responsible for many biochemical reactions in our bodies within and between cells. These co-factor levels called "Nad+ & NADPH" decline as we age. Supplementing the skin with B3 is therefore a great way to fight signs of aging in the skin.

It also increases collagen production, responsible for plump and youthful looking skin which decreases as we age past 25.

2. Helps repair & maintain the stratum corneum (your skin's outer, protective barrier)

Niacinamide's role is crucial in increasing the skin barrier's ceramides which together with the skin's cholesterol & fatty acids it produces determine how well a skin can perform one of its main functions: to maintain water within the body- in other words, to avoid trans-epidermal water loss. Remember, while hydrating is important if your skin barrier is not healthy and balanced, hydrating with water is the equivalent of filling a bag of peas with holes in it! For this same reason, it also helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

3.It helps reduce hyperpigmentation & even out skin tone

4.It helps significantly reduce & relieve inflammation in the skin (known to be one of the only nutrients out there to successfully help reduce the appearance of rosacea)

6.Niacinamide can reduce acne, and oily skin.

B3 also balances the skin's oil production, specifically by reducing the content of acne-causing oils when they are overproduced.

7.May help cure dermatitis, eczema & irritated skin

If the causes of these skin conditions is due to a deficiency of B3, applying a bioavailable niacinamide solution topically like our B3 Complex can help relieve dermatitis, irritated skin and red lesions. 


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