Ingredient Spotlight: Rose hip Oil


Rose-hip oil is high in vitamin A and has to be one of our favorites when it comes to repairing & reversing past damage made to the skin. It's specifically great for preserving the skin as we mature of age, but it is most often used as a treatment to repair damaged already done to the skin and reverse aging.

It also has high levels of antioxidants, the infamous free radical scavengers that help arm your skin age-accelerating free-radical we're constantly exposed to.

Its vitamin C content helps with diminishing dark spots (hyperpigmentation or caused from UVA and UVB rays) or that can also be caused by using essential oils that are photosensitive (sensitive to the sun) during your nighttime skincare routine and using it in the morning (Don't do it, ladies !). Overall, its nutrients infuse into the skin and support your cell-turnover which really refers to how quickly your cells move up to the outer epidermis and flake off, but also repair themselves. This makes it an incredible oil for anti-aging, and skin-damage repair: it has the power of diminishing scarring, stretch marks (though slightly expensive to use anywhere other than on your face for that!) As we grow older, this "turnover" slows down which means the renewal of cells, and the skin takes longer to repair itself.

It's quite dry as a carrier oil, and make cause increased acne breakouts if you do not use it in a balanced oil such as our Muse Oil, or another balanced blend of carrier oils to ensure your skin does not panic and continue to oversecrete sebum. Whether you are more acne prone or not, it shouldn't be used alone on the skin, nor on a daily basis but rather as a treatment, ideally at night, just as a chemical retinol product should. Such treatments are best used in winter.

We love Rose-hip oil, and we choose the certified organic, cold-pressed form which means little to no traces of toxic chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides absorbed by the rosehip, and your body, and maximal nutrient delivery from the rose the oil is extracted from. 

You can find it in our Multivitamin Complex, which is a blend of well diluted and nutrient-dense, easily absorbed but effective in moisturizing, and gently, progressively repairing, nourishing your skin Muse Oil.

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