Why oil cleansing (the right way) will help preserve your skin for the long-run

                Cleansing, cleansing & cleansing has been the latest so-called most important step to our skincare routine. For a century we’ve been trained to « clean off the germs » and encouraged to keep our face, hands, and skin deeply cleanse and exfoliate. Here’s a fun fact: back in the middle age days cleansing was actually considered a luxury (remember when the French started spraying perfume and not necessarily showering: seeming clean was not such an easy commodity but rather a luxury (just as much as having access to soaps and perfume were!). Soap began to be more available to all classes and « marketing companies » from that day on were pushing and promoting soap, being clean as a glorified luxury that convinced everyone it was what they needed to do appear presentable. Lots of things happen between then and now but that strongly held belief has stayed en route in us to this day.

Here’s a little shocker (you might want to sit down for this one):

1. Most cleansers infuse a heavy load of toxic ingredients that can travel into your bloodstream and cause your skin and body to be inflamed.

2. Overcleansing the skin can actually do more harm than good: it can disrupt your protective acid mantle which is responsible for not letting in the bad guys & making your immune system go into overdrive, plus it can dry out your skin from the natural oils it produces (which our sebum is composed of) causing it to either overproduce oil and make your skin more oily or excessively dry and sensitive. It’s no secret we live in a more toxic environment, especially for those of us who live in busy cities, so how do we find s middle ground of cleansing out those impurities which we need to do more than ever without stripping our skin of what it so perfectly produces, hurting our immune system or causing it to age quicker?

Double-cleansing with an oil cleanser first.

This rather new cleansing method is the most incredible way to melt out impurities, makeup, excess oil (oil dissolves oil) while protecting the skin for its second cleanser (usually one that, even when gentle, can disrupt your natural oils) such as a gel cleanser or micellar water.

This is why we have formulated our Revitalizing Oil Cleanser to not only allow you to cleanse off makeup in one go with skin-repairing and nourishing botanical-infused oils but also reduce any skin inflammations such as apparent rosacea, redness, eczema, psoriasis or inflammation in pimples.

We chose to keep it high in linoleic acid for it to be completely safe for all skin types as a cleanser (drier skin types may rather oil higher in oleic acid for their moisturizers, but for a proper cleansing method this can be as beneficial for all skin types). It contains no essential oils as it is rich in a combination of full plant, root infused oils which allowed us to preserve and extract the full botanical properties of each plant rather than a condensed processed version of the properties. Since it contains no essential oils, this product is safe for pregnant women as well! We are very excited to share this new addition to our skincare essentials and are sure you guys will fall in love with it!



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