Let it be in face oils, in the foods the we eat, one of the ways we can get the most out of botanical oils & ensure results is by selecting setting quality standards & respecting them.


One of the determinants of quality & potency for botanical oils is their method of extraction.

Quality matters when trying to shift into natural skincare routine & a greener lifestyle for one main reason: because it can determine whether or not a product will give results, which in return will determine whether or not we will stick to those better options as habits.

One of the first determinants of quality for the botanical oils, let it be in face oils, other skincare products or the foods that we eat, is their method of extraction. This is one of the simplest ways in which we can choose better quality ingredients, optimize natural products & avoid their cheaper alternative. As per our quality standards for the oils we use to create our formulations, cold-pressed oils offer our products, our skin & our bodies much more than refined oils can.

You may have heard the terms “cold-pressed” or “unrefined” being mentioned on skincare & food packaging without quite exactly understanding the differences beyond given facts that cold-pressed oils are “good” & refined oils are considered to be unhealthy or “bad”.

In this short “science simplified” article we will give a clear definition to refined oils, cold-pressed oils and explain how important of a difference they can make in the results you get from your products.  


Cold-pressing to extract oils requires more time & resources but does not deplete the oils from nutrients. Refining oils requires the use of chemicals both harsh for our environment and our health. The latter is cheaper, quicker of an alternative and most common in fast foods, "fast" natural beauty products. 


Oils that are extracted through refining process are passed through chemicals that deneutralize, remove scents, and bleach oils along with depleting them of essential vitamins, sterols, antioxidants, fatty acids & other amazing elements - more specifically of omega 3s. Companies like Mosanto have actually genetically modified their oils & crops for them to contain less omega 3s for one reason: they make vegetable oils more sensitive to light and oxidation. Out of the different types of fatty acids (oleic acid, linoleum acid, + ) that an oil can contain Omega 3s, though incredible for health, are more sensitive to air & cause oils to oxidize, go rancid quicker. In other words, vegetable oils high in Omega 3s make for products that have a shorter shelf-life. With less Omega 3s, oils can have longer shelf life but are not necessarily any better nor in quality nor in health; they’re usually depleted in more than just this essential fatty acid.


Here’s the thing: refined oils are cheaper, both in cost and in contentand stand a longer shelf life which makes it a great option for large corporations that wish to produce fast, cheap & don’t care too much for quality. Products can sit on shelves for long without going rancid, less risk & does the trick.  Refining oils withdraws many of the beneficial properties & phyto-compounds a botanical oil can offer, thus right off the bat, sets products to a lower potential of efficacy in terms of what it can deliver to into the end product & into our skin.

Refined oils is a method of extracting vegetable oils that depletes them from omega 3s. The omega 3s out of all fatty acids, (essential fatty acids are omega 3s & omg 6s) is what makes the oil more sensitive to light & air, more prone to oxidation and therefore, has a shorter shelf life. These same oils also cause inflammation which in skincare would make an oil counter-productive.


Now you hopefully can understand a little better why selecting cold-pressed, organic and unrefined botanical oils has been at the top of our list for quality standards, and might consider selecting cold-pressed oils when grocery shopping the next time around. At the end of the day, our goal is to make greener, healthier decisions more often & ensure they work for us in order for us to build habits out of them. Through habits, repeated action, we get change for the better. For habits to be changed, we need better alternatives for what we are currently doing, and that is where our mission for elevating natural steps in. For better potency in your face oils & preserving the maximum density of nutrients & natural actives a botanical oil has to offer, we must uncompromisingly extract & preserve nutrients from the moment they are sourced.

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