Reiki healing: What is an aura, a reiki treatment & how it works as a healing practice

Deep down at the chore of beauty is wellbeing & the positive energy it allows us to radiate. On my endless quest to discover and explore every possible component of holistic wellness and finding balance between enjoying the good things in life all while minimizing the toxic things in life, I came across Maya Stewart Pathak, a professional reiki healer & yogi who introduced me to yin yoga and reiki.

I came to realize I was not the only one out there to feel confused but positively curious about all things aura, reiki and their relationship to wellness. When we are well, healthy we can better reflect that through our healthy & balanced skin, and when we are not - well, the skin is the first place to show we aren't...or is it so. According to Maya, a friend & reiki healer, emotional or physical imbalance can be felt and treated otherwise. I decided to ask Maya questions in order to clarify how Reiki could really serve us, help me and whether skeptics, believers or those simply happy to try.

By definition, Reiki is a method of relieving stress, relieving pain and a method of healing all done by a trained practitioner. These trained practitioners, during a 1 hour session, work by channeling a "divine light", a universal light they connect to and allow to flow within them, into their patients. The practice aims to send this soothing, divine energy where the patient might be needing it, usually sign of ailment, pain or negativity lingering in the body.

 Maya Stewart Pathak Reiki Treatment Aura Healing Holistic Wellness

A brief intro to all things energy and healing with a professional Reiki Healer | Maya Stewart Pathak

What is Reiki and what does a Reiki healing entice?

"Reiki itself is a healing practice where a trained practitioner essentially channels what we refer to as a divine, universal light and re-directs it into the patient in areas of pain (we refer to it as Reiki). Us healers are specifically trained to channel and pass on this powerful energy where it is needed in order to heal patients. To make it easier to picture, it's something like a flow of love, positive energy that's bigger than all of us, which you can be trained to connect to, channel and transmit into the "patient" where there is negativity or pain."

Who could use Reiki healing? What is the difference they might feel in before/after?

"Anyone can benefit from Reiki healing. I've treated patients with a variety of issues and ailments from addiction, anxiety, insomnia to headaches. If you hold on to grudges, to your past, or worry about the future, whatever it may be, Reiki can help comfort and release those areas of negativity that affect your day to day, sometimes even develop into a severe illness."

Are there any physical changes we could feel during or after the session?

"Definitely. Feelings can really vary from one patient to another. One might fall into a deep sleep, like my patient who came in for insomnia, others might feel a simple relief, the extreme calm after the session. Usually, most patients leave feeling like there is a weight off their shoulders, and I'd attribute that to the area in need of Reiki being treated with our session. It sometimes can take 1-2 treatments before seeing a significant difference but the first usually makes a visible difference."

Does reiki change our energy field by filling it with the healers? Or does it empty out negative energy- how does that work?

"It's neither. I am infusing them with Reiki, which you can imagine as a form of superior force, universal light that harmonizes their energy field and fills areas in need. "

Are there any things we should be cautious over prior to a healing, after? How often do you recommend doing healing?

"There are no precautions nor prerequisites for reiki. Anyone is welcome and can benefit from it. You don't need to be "in-tune", or to have successfully been able to meditate prior to the session. You can equally feel the healing benefits of Reiki treatment"

What about the Reiki healer's background & energy the day of the healing, can that affect the patient?

"Prior to treatment, I cleanse the space and my own personal energy with reiki which allows me to clearly channel the positivity into patients but most importantly connect with them and see where it is needed. Because I am simply channeling an external, more powerful energy field, my own does not affect the treatment. I always perform reiki on myself daily regardless."

What are simple methods we can practice aura hygiene at-home even if not trained with Reiki?

"I recommend cold showers, yin yoga which really focuses on receptivity and connectivity. Certain essential oils can also be great in your bath or in your house, meditation.

If you are interested in treating yourself to a yin class with Maya, a great first step towards reducing stress levels and connecting with your inner self, you can catch her at Atelier Balance or Espace Varana here in Montreal or send her an e-mail directly for any inquiries in regards to Reiki!"

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