gua sha | facial massage


This 100% pure rose quartz stone is the perfect shape for your morning & evening facial massage. It is 4" wide which allows it to be used on other tension holding zones like the neck & jaw.

Bad vibes be gone 

Rose quartz, known to help relieve pain and rid our bodies & energy fields of negative vibes.

Goodbye Puffiness

This luxurious stone stays cold, naturally making it an incredibly soothing way to reduce puffiness in the morning. 

Aside from awakening the skin & cleansing your aura, this Gua sha when used with a facial massage can increase nutrient and oxygen delivery to your skin which means better glow and overall complexion assured. 

It can be used to help reduce any muscle pain in the face, or any muscle tension that causes us to overgrown, overwork those areas of the face contributing to wrinkles on the long-run.

Our gua sha also comes in large and can be used as it was centuries ago with scraping motions to help relieve any muscle tension or localized pain after a workout, or long day. It is also commonly used to help stimulate collagen and support firmness of the skin.

Use in the mornings or evenings after applying face oil. 

*Avoid using gua sha without face oil: stretching and pulling on dry skin can create microlesions contributing to wrinkles and sagginess on the long-run! 


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