Rosacea: a natural cure that works & all you need to know

Chances are if you are reading this article, you’ve heard of rosacea before and you might be considering a natural treatment or remedy for it. Just in case you haven’t, let’s define what Rosacea is & how to tell the difference between regular redness from actual rosacea. 

Redness can appear every now and then around a pimple, or anywhere on the skin from any irritation. Rosacea, on the other hand, is not an acute (short-term/will-go-away-tomorrow) kind of redness, it comes and goes in visibility but is usually there to stay. It tends to appear in specific areas like cheeks, forehead or chin, and tends to stay in the same area at every flair up and can cause thickening of the skin where it shows up. You can consider it a very stubborn redness that acts as an inflammation indicator: if we have rosacea, it’s safe to assume that if it shows up: our bodies are inflamed.  When we’re do things that inflame our bodies a little bit for example alcohol consumption (even that mild glass of wine sometimes is enough to cause it to reappear) or exercising intensively it causes stress and rosacea is the result of our immune system responding to those stressors.  Usually, it’s caused by genetics, and environmental elements like pollution or U.V rays that increase inflammation. Now here are the good news: now that you’ve identified it you can actually use it to let you know of when you are in need of anti-inflammatory super herbs and you can recognize it better  and in return treat it topically to prevent it from getting worst.

5 things to know about your rosacea:

  1. It's an immune response to something causing inflammation in your body or skin. (Think allergens, alcohol, harsh acids on your skin)
  2. Usually carried through genetics- although not always!
  3. It tends to get more visible with age or during/after an activity that increases overall body inflammation.
  4. Trying to make it less visible in flair ups? Here’s the key: keep inflammation at bay and boost up on anti-inflammatory herbs, serums or foods on the daily to help prevent it from getting to a higher stage of redness.
  5. If inflammation lingers and becomes chronic, rosacea can get to a “worst” state of redness every time and can get worst with age. Healing it and preventing the inflammation from lasting once it appears is crucial to naturally preventing it from getting any more visible over the years and keeping your skin as redness-free as possible.

Key nutrients & natural ingredients that can help prevent, reduce visibility of and limit its ability to get worst:

Vitamin C
Vitamin K


We've combined all of these redness-reducing, skin-soothing botanical ingredients into one gentle mask, our Rejuvenating Dust. It's perfect for decongesting pores and cleansing the skin without causing any added irritation and our Amour Propre Beauty babes with Rosacea say "surprisingly reduced redness after using it twice a week over a 1 month period".

Of course, making sure that inflammation is soothed and reduced when the rosacea appears by eating leafy greens, adding spirulina to your smoothies or adding a turmeric supplement on the daily can help double-up on your daily due-diligence from the inside-out while ensuring you keep rosacea at bay + at its lowest visibility possible over time.


Things to avoid:
harsh chemicals
harsh exfoliants
consuming too many processed sugars or alcohol
Stripping your skin with acids, or harsh surfactants present in foaming cleansers
Masks that are only made up of clay

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