Why do we choose to sell directly to you through our online store rather than in retail locations?

Simple. When creating luxury skincare, a brand has two choices: to distribute into retail stores often for visibility and a quicker reach to new customers but that comes at a heavy price for consumers. Most boutiques, retail stores tend to ask for 50% of the selling price.

This means every one of our products would have to be twice as much to afford their retail margins. We've decided to do things differently, and take part in democratizing, making luxury, handcrafted skincare as accessible as we can by renouncing to that process. This has allowed us to offer our products which on average take nearly 4 weeks to products and contain over 15 botanical ingredients for nearly half the price of what most luxury products go for on the market in retail stores.

From the very beginning, our intention was to provide women with the finest non-toxic skincare created with the highest quality ingredients at accessible prices all while being as sustainable as possible, offering you purchases that last for over a month unlike most conventional products. The bottom-line is, we have chosen the longer, slightly more challenging way to get our products to you without the need to up double our prices for retailers despite their incredible visibility. We respect their ability to curate, but trust that you as individuals care to learn about the truth and actual value behind complex botanical formulations without having to pay the price. To stay true to our vision, we commit to (as much as we can!) to share the knowledge on the benefits, while also defining what the true "premium quality standards" of our products delivers and let you women decide for yourself while having the option to purchase what we call "neo-luxury" (sustainable, positive impacts on ourselves and the planet while also being natural and effective) at their fair price.

Our products are formulated to be potent, to require less per use, and to help you reveal your best skin while also minimizing overspending on products that are packed with filler ingredients to encourage you to keep purchasing, over and over unnecessarily.

Nature is ours, all of ours, and the best we can do is combine it, study it, and make it work for you in a way that you can sustainably change your beauty (and lifestyle habits) for the greener good of your health, our planet, and of course your wallet!