Why our line is offered exclusively here, on our online store?

To improve accesibility for green, luxury products through fair pricing.

When establishing the foundations of our brand, one of the most important things to us was creating products that could offer optimal value & results at the fairest prices.

At the early stages, we were hesitating on whether or not it would be best to offer our products in local retailers as they would have larger communities & could really help us move forward by spreading the word, and recommendation. The issue being, that every product sold in retailer stores by small companies like us would have to double their price when sold to customers in stores so that both parties could survive.

While we really respect every member in the industry for trying to push green, and better options, we realized the importance of taking a stance and making high-end, luxury defined by both the process and by quality of our ingredients, as accessible as possible. For this reason we have chosen a fair pricing strategy that does not require our pricing to be doubled for retail.

Our fair pricing strategy may come with its challenges, it may be more challenging to reach new customers, perhaps to spread the word than if we had been placed in retailers but we firmly believe that this is the future. Customers knowing the brands they buy from, supporting them directly like a stamp of approval rather than purchasing them for twice the price in retail. We are more curious than ever to gain knowledge, to better understand the world around us and the impact of the purchases we make, the people we support behind our purchases, and our hope is that with more direct-to-consumer brands, the pressure will be higher for quality, for sustainability and for fair pricing with both.

Our pricing philosophy is simple: nature belongs to us all, it is our birthright and there has been a tremendous "mark-up" in retail for placement, for promotion which as made products that are both high in quality and sustainable unaccessible in price. We will continue to offer our products directly online, exclusive through our online store to be as accessible in price as we can to all because we value the change we are helping create with you over the profit made per product sold. Green can go with growth, and that is what we hope to contribute to in absolute transparency in price and this, without having to double our prices for placement.