The majority of brands in our beauty industry, specifically in the eco-luxe segment, markup their products 8-10x the actual cost of production. From the very beginning, our intention was to provide women with the finest non-toxic skincare created with the highest quality ingredients at accessible prices. Basically, we choose the highest quality ingredients, combine them to create our high-performance skincare, extract their bioactives by the most lengthy 4 week infusion process rather than quicker, nutrient-depleting alternatives other companies rather for quicker production possibilities, and last but not least, we offer the same, if not more nutrient-rich skincare as other eco-luxe beauty brands without the traditional retail markups.

Optimal value in every drop, less product necessary per use, longer lasting purchases for visible results in the skin, and fair pricing.




Basically, we offer the best of natural ingredients, combined in the best possible ways, for you to see visible results without the retail margins most companies in the industry charge you, the customer, to place their products in the right stores.

We're proud & dedicated to keep creating & offering you the best of skincare, more sustainable, luxury products at accessible prices.