Quality starts at sourcing

Our commitment to high quality standards for optimal effectiveness of our products starts at the sourcing of our ingredients. Without quality botanicals to begin with, potent herbal infusions are impossible.

To create our products, we source over 70 botanical ingredients that go in only 6 products. Each and every one of these ingredients comes from certified organic farming. For 70% of our herbs, medicinal plants, flowers, seeds, we work directly with the herb farm that grows them. They come from a variety of places from Grasse, France to Italy and we firmly believe that without these partnerships, our products and their quality would not be the same. Their nutrient content greatly depends on the soil and the environment they are grown on, the way they are grown and the way they are preserve before being sent to us.


We use the portion of the plants that offers the benefits

We select the parts of the plant that has the most to offer & corresponds to the benefits our products deliver.


The Oils: Cold-Pressed & Unrefined

The herbal infusion that is the basis of all our oil-based products consists of a blend of "base" vegetable oils which are extracted with the methods that maintain & preserve the highest content of nutrients: they are cold-pressed, unrefined and certified organic.

Production Process

All our products are handcrafted and hand packaged by our founder in small batches to keep the optimal freshness.


Formulated for potency

Once blended, none of our products include any diluting oils or ingredients. The results that come from our products are directly related to their potency.



One of the most important parts of our mission, offering our products directly to you - without traditional retail margins of luxury products in stores. You can read more about it on our fair pricing page.