Amour Propre is a natural beauty & conscious lifestyle company committed to sharing the incredible benefits of using the right, potent combinations of premium quality botanical ingredients in beautifying our skin & bodies while amplifying our self-care experiences through daily rituals.

Through mindful holistic beauty practices we believe regardless of how our bodies may have been disregarded in the past, we can harness nature's incredible tools  and mindfully combinate its nutrient-rich botanical ingredients to help heal, nourish and preserve our healthy & beautiful skin.

Our skincare is formulated without any harsh chemicals, and all our oils are sourced cold-pressed, unrefined & from organic farming: we pride ourselves in focusing on retrieving the optimal nutrient-density of each ingredient from the way they are extracted to the way they are preserved and carefully combining these super-ingredients for them to infuse into the skin everything it needs most to regenerate, stay in balance, and be armed from inevitable pollutants & free-radical damage we're exposed to on a day to day basis.

Following her 8 years of working in the fashion industry as an international model, our founder Alex Sterg turned to her passion: herbalism, the study of plants & their time-proven ability to serve, heal our bodies better than any ''franken-made'', lab-made ingredients.


Canadian Model Alex Sterg Founder of Natural Organic Skincare Brand Amour Propre Beauty Luxury Skincare Non Toxic
" From the age of 17 up until 26, I was lucky enough to travel and work with some of the most incredible people around the world from Paris, to South Korea, to New York. When I started modeling I was truly fascinated by models, artists who seemed to keep their best beauty secrets, well, quite secret. Over the years, I collected some of the best beauty tips, products, rituals I learned from different cultures and brought them back home with me to pursue my passion which would come to be Amour Propre.

In parallel, throughout my career, it felt ironic to be expected to look beautiful when we weren't exactly guided into knowing how to feel and look our best while also having to apply toxic, harsh chemicals from the makeup on long days of shoots sometimes up to 4-5 days a week. My skin was no longer the same it was when I was 17, it would begin to crack, look irritated, other times breakout more easily, sometimes even get allergic reactions to the makeup applied onto my skin. I began to do my research and found that a lot of the reactions and changes were due to the harsh ingredients from those same products that were considered essential to our work as models. I would try endless products after work to try to resolve the skin concerns and everything seemed to tumble over. I wondered, was it age? was it being overworked? Was it the way I was eating? Was it the makeup? 

This is where I began to develop an incredible passion and endless curiosity for holistic beauty: beauty treated as an entity that englobes every part and component of our self-care, wellness, mindfulness and skincare routine.

Through my studies in herbalism I self-tested endless amounts of natural, botanical combinations of ingredients, studied their effects to optimize results and really came to a conclusion I hope I can share with other women: while the secret to beauty is really no secret at all, the now rather obvious best route to finding & preserving our beauty, the holistic approach is still very blurry and unclear to most as it was to me. It's still difficult for women to really find the unbiased information readily available to them. While natural ingredients such as Almond oil, Rosehip oil, or Aloe Verra can have great effects on the skin, I wanted to bring more to the table by studying and formulating products that gave more value with less product, less toxicity, less carbon footprint with real, visible results that also feel good through all our sense.

Since our launch in August 2018, I have developed some of what I believe are the most nutrient-rich, game-changing skincare essentials that offer more with much less product application. I've found ingredients that contain the highest of each phytonutrient, bioactive out there and carefully implemented them in what I consider, desert island products - for all skin needs and universal skin types. From the products, to graphic design, to packaging and social media I have worn every hat in the process of growing Amour Propre myself because I want to be fully responsible for the information shared, gathered and the relationships I build with everyone person who gives us the chance to better their lives with small but impactful products that will be used in their daily lives. Skincare is just as equally of a part of wellness as nutrition, what goes into your body goes right into it through your skin, bloodstream and must be filtered out through the same detoxification system as any chemicals we
eat, or breathe in. Through my practice of self-care rituals with natural wholesome ingredients and mindfulness practices I've more and foremost, learned to love myself and hope to help others understand, appreciate the meaning of those little, but extremely meaningful moments of the day to our subconscious.

My biggest goal is to democratize luxury, positive luxury such as natural, sustainable skin care products some of which require to be doubled in price when offered in retail. I have chosen to take the tougher, riskier route for a small business: to sell directly to customers rather than to double prices and have the opportunity of placing my brand where it would likely be more visible. I believe alI positive luxuries should be affordable, and available to all! I truly wish to change the value standards offered by companies to people who put their trust in them by purchasing their products, and most of all, I hope to change the relationships between so-called "customers" and myself to one of friendship, where I learn just as much from them as I share information to them. The more women know the better companies should succeed. I think that is really the essence of what Amour Propre as a brand is founded on and why I have taken such risks, sacrificed great opportunities to dedicate my life to this company I love."

With lots of love Alex Sterg, Founder at Amour Propre Beauty