We're all about supporting our skin & body for what they do best and well, this baby will support your cell-regeneration/cell-renewal, all while stimulating collagen production.  In other words, this is the ultimate tool to powerfully preserve your best skin, maintain its firmness and repair any sun damage or acne scarring from the past.

It comes in its little case to keep it clean, and safe from any bacteria, which means for you beauties who are on the road a lot: you can take this lightweight essential with you anywhere!

Solution for:

Dark spots & hyperpigmentation
Acne scarring
Saggy skin
Preserving your skin, reverse any early signs of aging such as fine lines & loss of firmness

Cell-turnover (the rapidity to which your cells renew) slows down from age 25 and up. Gently stimulating it with such this gentle tool will give you an immediate glow, reduce the appearance of fine lines if used 1-2 a week.

It can reduce the appearance of sun-damage, of scarring from acne, and dark spots/hyperpigmentation.

For reducing the appearance of scarring, use on area 1-2x weekly. Cleanse face, apply our skin restoring B3-Complex for optimal repair and cell-renewal. Gently roll on face avoiding the under-eye area. Use featherlight pressure and avoid going over the same area for more than 5 "rolls". Do not hesitate to take breaks from rolling and avoid going in the sun for optimal results. 

Make sure to cleanse by spraying the needles with alcohol before next use. Avoid placing needles flat on any surface other than its case as they are very sensitive titanium needles that could shift in direction.


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