rejuvenating dust


A blend of inflammation & "skin-stress"-reducing algae, botanicals, softening colloidal oats, and gently pore-decongesting Australian clay that can be mixed to a liquid of choice to cater to different needs including anti-inflammatory & antioxidant properties, anti-redness properties, and emolliating properties.


a combination of skin detoxifying & anti-inflammatory algae, chlorella, spirulina & a calculated ratio of clay suitable for all skin types that help draw out dirt & toxins lodged beneath the skin

rejuvenating dust | Amour Propre | Amour Propre Skincare | Amour Propre Beauty | Natural & Organic Remedy for Rosacea & redness | Natural & Organic Exfoliant For All Skin Types Including Combination Skin Acne-Prone Skin Sensitive Skin


a carefully proportioned ratio of mineral-rich clays that are safe for all skin types & help exfoliate dead skin cells without over-drying the skin


colloidal oats leave skin feeling extra soft & hydrated without over-drying the skin barrier


  • redness & visible rosacea
  • sensitive skin
  • dull skin tone
  • flaky, dry & dehydrated skin
rejuvenating dust | amour propre beauty |  multivitamin serum


natural cure for rosacea & redness

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